10 Tips for Marketing to African Americans

Posted on by Richard H. Levey
  1. Create an emotional connection with African American consumers with appropriate thematic and product partners.

  2. Think “family.” Partner with brands African American moms want that deliver bundled meal- and occasion-based solutions. Promote bulk packaging to communicate meal solutions.

  3. Communicate sales, promotions and value positioning — especially as they relate to favorite brands. Utilize coupons and circulars; make sure that online ads are part of the mix.

  4. Utilize culturally relevant P-O-P throughout the store — especially at the shelf.

  5. Engage African American moms through social networks — whether physical or digital.

  6. Build a relationship with African American moms by helping them find valuable solutions for their home. Identify non-traditional bundling opportunities to cross-promote categories from other departments, such as health/beauty and homecare.

  7. Provide culturally relevant tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

  8. Focus on the local environment and community — what your company/store is doing to help and how your customers can get involved.

  9. Offer customers inventive ways to be the first to try your product/brand.

  10. If you tie in to a community cause, be sincere. Don't do “one-offs” or a Black History Month special if you don't really have any intention of being involved in the community.

Source: Chereese Griffin, senior account director for Marketvision's African American consumer-marketing team.


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