DRTV-A Religious Experience?

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

THE MALIGNED CAN always use a positive spokesperson, and DRTV is no exception. Maybe the much-poked-at art form will find it this month in Eddie Murphy.

The actor-hot from roles in the summer hits “Dr. Dolittle” and “Mulan”-stars in “Holy Man,” a Touchstone Pictures comedy about a televangelist who gets hired to be an on-air salesperson for a home shopping network.

In its fall movie preview, Entertainment Weekly gave the $60 million film (set to open Oct. 2) a good chance for box office success.

“Holy Man” also stars Jeff Goldblum and Kelly Preston and, reports EW, includes cameos from Morgan Fairchild (promoting a face-lift machine) and Soupy Sales (plugging glue guns).

Who knows-maybe Murphy will give jaded DMers something to believe in. At press time, a crawl along the bottom of the Web site (www.movies. com/holyman) read “Welcome to the Good Buy Network! The best bargains on the Web will be available shortly. Check back!” Watch out, HSN and QVC.


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