What Marketers Need to Know About the Wuhan Coronavirus

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Coronovirus, officially named Covid-19, continues to create issues for international travelers and businesses. The virus has prompted the cancellation of MWC Barcelona, the world’s largest mobile show, and the retail industry is experiencing negative effects resulting from the global health emergency. So, what precautions can marketers take? Event Marketer spoke with CrowdRX, a physician-led organization that delivers medical services at events, to gain some insight on what marketers who depend on face-to-face interactions for business should know.

The first insight: the flu is a much bigger threat than the Wuhan coronavirus. During last year’s flu season, the worst in 40 years, the death toll reached 80,000. Similarly, prevention is straightforward, and measures taken to prevent it are the same as those taken to prevent the flu: a lot of hand washing.

Technology can help as well. CrowdRX says that there are various disinfecting services available, including thermal imaging technology to screen fevers and an electrostatic disinfecting machine. Lastly, the article suggests that there’s no need for Americans to panic quite yet. What’s key is to “be cautious and observe” rather than resort to event cancellation within the U.S. Read on in Event Marketer for a deeper dive.


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