Tips for Finding a Niche Idea for a Podcast

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The medium of podcasting is gaining traction as a way for companies to exhibit expertise and reach customers—and it’s not just for consumer marketers. Panasonic, for instance, has been successful with a B2B podcast series on thought leadership. The key is to pinpoint a specific niche idea that your brand can speak to—and prioritize depth over breadth, according to a piece in PRNEWS. Following are tips for finding that niche.

Do Market Research

When choosing a topic, hone in on something that makes your brand different and determine whether your particular industry has tackled it already. Avoid topics that are so broad that a dozen other podcasts already cover them.

Listen to Your Audience

In order to determine what’s working and what isn’t, tap distribution platforms to collect data on number of listeners, views and bounce rates. Analyzing this data will help determine what is landing with your audience and allow you to tailor content accordingly.

Focus on What You Know

Podcasting is powerful because it’s personal. When hosts share moments and speak from the heart, listeners gain insights and lessons that they’re unable to get elsewhere—and in so doing create a niche that is unique to your brand and resonates with audiences.

For more detail on pinpointing a topic for your brand’s podcast, read on in PRNEWS.


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