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LOS ANGELES With sci-fi popular again, TVT Records is issuing a four-CD set of theme music from classic Sci-Fi Channel shows.

The series, called Sci-Fi’s Greatest Hits, will reach back to The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, as well as including the X-Files and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The CDs will be themed by type of show and will all be released in November.

Some of the material, such as the theme from the movie Tron, has never been released on CD before. Also, the Grateful Dead’s reworked Twilight Zone theme for the New Twilight Zone series is included, as well as themes from Mork and Mindy and the Six Million Dollar Man. The discs should help stir interest in the shows still being rerun on the Sci-Fi Channel, while reminding customers of TVT’s other TV-related theme show CDs.


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