MyWay Tackles Yahoo With New Campaign

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

“Yahoo is Toast” is the theme of an advertising campaign by

The campaign is geared to build awareness for, a new ad-free portal and search engine.

The campaign, which began Tuesday and runs through Nov. 27, will consist of online media, 30-second radio spots, print media and college marketing initiatives.

“Yahoo is Toast taps into the visceral feelings of today’s portal and search engine users,” said Bill Daugherty, co-CEO of MyWay, in a statement. “As Yahoo has utilized increasingly aggressive advertising and direct marketing tactics, users are becoming further frustrated. MyWay offers an alternative.”

MyWay is also setting up a Yahoo is Toast section of its Web site. Users will be able to access the advertisements, see head-to-head comparisons of the two sites and view recipes for how to prepare the perfect slice of “Yahoo is (French) Toast,” according to a MyWay statement.


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