Listening to Katherine

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Our client of two years, Expressions From Hallmark, wanted to use its Barbie license with Mattel to help Wal-Mart Stores highlight Barbie products and spur activity in the card aisle this Christmas. As we wrestled with the challenge, we found help from an unexpected source. The seven women on our 11-member task force mirrored Expression’s target, women 25-55.

As the team brainstormed concepts, a slightly younger member joined in – Katherine Wood, the 7-year-old daughter of account director Julie Wood.

The group was arguing the pros and cons of different holiday concepts when Katherine suggested we offer a decorating kit so little girls could make their Barbie dollhouses look just like Mom’s house during the holidays.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to flesh this one out. We would help kids learn how to celebrate the holiday in a traditional manner, with a Barbie Holiday Decorating Kit, available for $2.49. Hallmark already had the Barbie license; Mattel loved the concept; Wal-Mart saw it as a great holiday value product to drive moms to the toy department for Barbie and accessories, and to the Hallmark aisle for decorating kits and cards. Incremental traffic alone would boost sales of both product lines.

Some promotions are easy. This one was too easy.


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