Jockey, With No Budget, Finds Success in Content Marketing

Posted on by Patty Odell

With no budget, three stretched staffers and a few measly dollars for social media marketing, things looked a bit bleak for Jockey CMO Tom Napper.

content marketing strategy
Jockey found success adding “beefcakes” to its content marketing strategy.

In was late 2015 and Napper was new on the job. He looked to promotional marketing channels and decided to beef up content for Jockey’s blog and use social media to amplify it.

Here, NewsCred tells the story—a bit self-promotional, I might add—of how Napper put together a scrappy content creation strategy with no real structure; just get the content live when they could and try to tie it to current events. Carefully watching click-throughs, likes, followers and other metrics, Napper knew the team was on to something. They infused the content with images of half-naked men and things began to take off.

In general, B2C content marketers (63%) are finding more success than they were one year ago for two reasons: they’re doing a better job with content creation (77%) and developing or adjusting their content marketing strategy (71%), according to research from the Content Marketing Institute. Marketers—like Jockey—are finding that content marketing helps build long-term relationships, however only 52% of marketers surveyed agreed that their bosses give them enough time to get it done.

Learn how the small, but mighty, Jockey team drove its content marketing strategy from nothing to something. Read the article …


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