Fruit of the Loom Tricks Shoppers at Pop-Up Shop

Posted on by Patty Odell

Sometimes, to change the perception of a brand all it takes is the removal of the letter “i” from a well-known brand name.

And so it went for Fruit of the Loom, known for its sensibly-priced men’s and women’s packaged underwear for sale at retailers like Walmart and Target. To prove that its undergarments are actually more chic—and can stand up to competitors—than many consumers may know, Fruit of the Loom opened a pop-up shop in the Mall of Georgia branded under the name Früt. The shop is part of its new integrated “Fruit Unpackaged” campaign.

The space was designed as a stylish lingerie shop. The underwear was unpackaged and displayed on manikins and tables where consumers to touch and feel the fabric. Customers had no idea that the products they were about to purchase were actually Fruit of the Loom brand until they got to the counter to pay and a game-show type environment took over. The video tells the tale:

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