French’s Taps Tom Colicchio to Get Consumers to Switch From Mayo to Mustard

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CM sister pub Event Marketer wrapped the Experiential Marketing Summit—spring edition—earlier this week. The talk of the show was producing experiences that are at once engaging and COVID-friendly—from F&B choices to proper layouts to regional guidelines.

One such example, according to a case study in Event Marketer, is a recent New York City pop-up from French’s mustard that complied with local dining restrictions and social distancing rules without compromising on design, engagement, creativity…or taste.

With the incentive of receiving a free sandwich made by celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, approximately 750 New Yorkers promised to switch from mayo to mustard—which the brand positioned as a tastier and healthier alternative to mayonnaise.

The “MustSwitch” campaign asked consumers to trade in a bottle of mayonnaise or sign an actual pledge to switch to mustard in return for a sandwich that used French’s mustard in two ways: as a braising liquid for flank steak and a condiment on top of a melee of sautéed mushrooms, marinated cauliflower and arugula.

Situated at Colicchio’s private dining space adjacent to the chef’s flagship restaurant Craft, the pop-up was designed to reinforce the campaign’s “must switch” messaging. As customers moved through the space, coloring shifted from all-white to all-yellow. Those who arrived with bottles of mayo to trade in could roll their bottles down a chute and make the “pledge” at a step-and-repeat.

The activation complied with New York City indoor dining restrictions by embracing a grab-and-go system and offering make-at-home sandwich kits online. For more details on the campaign, read on in Event Marketer.


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