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  • Core 1: Customer Acquisition
  • Core 2: Customer Retention
  • Core 3: Lead Nurturing

  • Clients Include: eBay (with B2B seller teams in U.S. and Canada), Windstream (U.S.), John Deere (in U.S.and Canada), Syngenta (Canada and Global), NexGen Storage (U.S.)
  • Website:
  • Contact: [email protected]

Quarry – When NexGen Storage was spun out of SanDisk as an independent entity, it worked with Quarry to develop new brand messaging and show it was a serious contender in the data storage agency. This Top Shop, based in Ontario, Canada, recently redesigned its team structure to align around buyers, bringing together both strategic and tactical execution expertise areas, including marketing automation, inbound/outbound media and public relations.