Why Marketers Need to Manage Customer Preferences

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Marketers today often have five, 10 and sometimes dozens of unique points from which they’re gathering customer data.

“It’s an overwhelming amount of data,” Kyle Christensen, vice president of Product Marketing for Responsys. “The more channels you have, the more potential problems you have. Marketers need a unified way of controlling and managing preferences.”

The need to get a handle on all this information led Responsys to introduce Interact Preference, a new offering within its Interact product suite, to help marketers maintain a unified, cross-channel view of customer preferences and permissions.

Recent Forrester data shows that 77% of consumers feel companies should let the customer decide how they want to be contacted. This can be tricky for many firms. As an example, Christensen cited one global teleco that had 14 data collection points—that went nowhere, meaning the preferences indicates at those touches didn’t carry throughout the enterprise.

“Customers mistrustful of companies that abuse their information and don’t respect their privacy,” he says, noting that Wall Street Journal research says 85% of consumers are concerned about the data marketers are collecting online. “Marketers must be able to deploy from different touchpoints and be sure they are sending the right message to the right person.”

Responsys Interact Preference is part of a partnership with enterprise preference management solution PossibleNOW.





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