10 Best Practices for Creating Effective Landing Pages for Lead Generation

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Landing pages can be the source of a bountiful stream of leads — if done well.

Landing page

It’s the last part of that sentence that trips up so many marketers. Fair or unfair, landing pages are asked to do a lot of things, but how much should be put on them? What should be put on them? And how can marketers improve their current landing pages to generate more leads?

“The No. 1 problem with business landing pages is that they too often focus on aesthetics and they are not carefully designed to convert online visitors into paying, offline clients,” says Louis Gagnon, chief product and marketing officer at Yodle. “Effective landing pages focus on three things in order to improve conversion: specificity, relevance and simplicity. Visitors should be able to find exactly what they are looking for without delay when navigating a landing page.”

To help marketers in their endeavors to craft effective landing pages for generating leads, here are 10 best practices:

Content is not king
For effective lead-generating landing pages, “less is more,” according to Giles McGrath, creative director at MediaWhiz. “As opposed to SEO or brand sites, content is not king when it comes to lead-gen landing pages,” he says. “In fact, an abundance of content will decimate your conversion rate and ultimately lead to the site’s failure.”

McGrath goes on to say that too much content will distract users. He recommends avoiding the use of paragraphs, including no more than five bullet points and using no more than five words per bullet point on landing pages.

“The key is to quickly and cleanly outline and explain the direct value proposition,” says Tom Edwards, vice president of digital strategy at The Marketing Arm.

Avoid distractions
Following the first point, McGrath tells marketers to include just one visual on a landing page


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