Solutions for Marketers’ Consumer Data and Privacy-Focused Pain Points

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Privacy regulation has been a hotbed issue for marketers 2020—and it will only heat up in the coming year. Abiding by new rules surrounding consumer data has surfaced concerns about attribution, audience retargeting and the phase-out of third-party cookies. Following are a few of these pain points along with potential next steps to minimize their negative impact, according to a column in AdExchanger.

The push for a future focused on privacy affects marketing strategy measurably, writes Luke Taylor, COO of TrafficGuard. In light of changes to Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), attribution has become a top concern for marketers since the channels, creative and messaging that contribute to a conversion are harder to identify. And that makes it more difficult to invest and optimize in the areas that have been most successful.

As a potential way forward, Taylor suggests identifying earlier stronger indicators of the potential to convert and then develop and test hypotheses against performance. He also suggests developing a process for measuring incremental uplift to better understand how each channel and campaign is performing following increased investment.

Another paint point on the horizon is the breakdown of A/B testing. Without the ability to rely on cookies to determine which audience is returning to your test, it will be more difficult to determine whether the test experience was consistent. Taylor recommends first-party tracking to maintain consistency across various online domains.

For a look at additional marketing challenges in a privacy-fueled future, including inflated analytics and smaller audiences for retargeting, read more in AdExchanger.


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