RedPeg Exec Creative Director on Creative’s New Role

Posted on by Patty Odell

The role of the creative director has been reshaped by client demands, technology, digital, social and many other factors.

David Shackley, executive creative director at RedPeg Marketing, as well as General Manager of RedPeg owned company, G-Factory, Inc.,  offers a look into the new order of creatives.

creative directorCHIEF MARKETER: How has the role of creative director changed over the last year or so?
SHACKLEY: Creative directors, and marketers in general, need to have an understanding of all marketing facets, especially since the digital world is now integrated in everything we do.

CM: What is the biggest challenge for creative directors?
SHACKLEY: Creative’s love to pitch their own ideas so they can sell and defend their work, but they are not always in the room.

CM: How has the role of IT changed in the creative process?
SHACKLEY: The best creative has a technology component. Creatives are working hand in hand with chief digital officers.

CM: How have clients’ expectations changed over the last year?
SHACKLEY: Speed. Everyone wants everything tomorrow.
CM: What are clients’ top three expectations?
SHACKLEY: Big ideas, cheap—and how will this campaign get me promoted?

CM: What process do you use to translate consumer insights into effective creative?
SHACKLEY: Have a louder voice than the research department normally works for me.

CM: What was your role in the success of “The Bible”?
SHACKLEY: As head of marketing for Mark Burnett’s, LightWorkers Media, I oversaw the strategy and creative for all of The Bible’s social media presence, and working for Mark and his wife Roma Downey was a fantastic experience.

CM: What will your role be at RedPeg and as general manager of G-Factory, Inc.?
SHACKLEY: Cool and crazy to have two jobs, but both are fun, and fast paced. G-Factory is a start up division within RedPeg that is bringing brands into the e-sports and gaming space. It’s only been a month but everyone I’m chatting with sees the opportunity – who wouldn’t want to be able to target the 18/34 year old male?  And as RedPeg’s Creative Director, I get to have my hands on everything that leaves the shop in the experiential space, but also driving social and digital creative for our clients.





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