One Hand Washes the Other

Posted on by Patty Odell

This is a nice story.

Two women, Lisa Nativo and Jaclyn Kolsby, worked for GT Events, a marketing and brand promotion agency located in Culver City, CA. The two women left the agency and opened a food truck called “Nonna’s Kitchenette,” serving gourmet Italian food.

The girls and their roving meals-on-wheels somehow found their way to the Food Network where they appeared on the television series “The Great Food Truck Race.” They made it to the finale.

Now, they have debuted the truck to people in the streets of Los Angeles and—as many small-business start ups do—were looking for a sponsor to back them. GT Events stepped in as Nonna’s Kitchenette’s first corporate sponsor and wrapped the truck with its new artwork that includes GT Events corporate logo.

“It’s ironic that just five years ago, when we first met, we were both working in-house with GT Events,” Nativo and Kolsby said. “And now, just a few years later, we’ve all become collaborators and business partners.”


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