In-App Mobile Interstitial Ads: 10% Engagement Rate

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“Through the rapid evolution of in-app rich media, one important aspect has remained a constant: its exceptional performance,” according to a recent report from Medialets, a mobile rich-media ad platform. In the report, the company shares the data gleaned from more than 1,200 creatives trafficked in January and February to show how the typical mobile rich-media creative typically performs.

To start with, Medialets answers the question: How is mobile rich media measured? Engagement rate is the “most effective metric because it measures whether or not a rich media creative inspired a consumer to interact with the brand,” according to the report. “Click-Through Rate (CTR), though an important metric, only measures one aspect of the campaign.”

Engagement rate, CTR, expand rate, time on screen, actions and other custom events provide the perspective necessary to determine the success of a rich-media campaign, the report notes.

So the question is: What exactly is engagement rate? Medialets notes that engagement rate strips down the goal of a creative to a simple “yes” or “no,” and that either can be reached via different paths. For instance, if a consumer watched a video preview or tweeted about the new product involved, engagement happened. If they didn’t, then engagement didn’t happen.

“Medialets Engagement Rate is established by measuring the actual number of “yes” or “no” actions against the number of instances the call to interact was exposed,” the report notes. “For Medialets Interstitials, Engagement Rate is measured against the total number of impressions. For Medialets Expandables, Engagement Rate is measured against the total number of expands.”

With all those topics covered, Medialets goes on to reveal the results from the campaigns studied in January and February. The company notes that its rich media ads regularly yield double-digit engagement rates, with in-app interstitials averaging 10 percent engagement and in-app expandable ads averaging a 1 percent expand rate and, as a result, a 17 percent engagement rate.

The creatives observed reached an average CTR of 2 percent, according to Medialets. For full-screen iPad interstitials, CTR was nearly 5 percent and the average engagement rate was 10 percent.

The automotive vertical experienced the highest in-app engagement rate with 18 percent, followed by entertainment with 14 percent, CPG with 12 percent, restaurants with 11 percent and finance with 10 percent.

“Mobile’s exceptional value could be attributed to a range of factors: unprecedented creative capabilities, intelligent ad placement, consumer-friendly share of voice, the unparalleled intimacy of the mobile experience and the sophistication of mobile marketers that have benefited from both the success and missteps of digital advertising.”



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