Emails We Love: Valentine’s 2012 Edition

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Responsys reports the volume of promotional emails for the week prior to Valentine’s Day is up 19% over 2011.  That doesn’t surprise me: Since Feb. 1, 213 Valentine-related emails hit my inbox.

Did they make me feel loved? Eh, let’s just say that I won’t be leaving my hubby and kids to run away with any of these marketers. But a few did make me feel warm and fuzzy. See what Dunkin’ Donuts, Xfinity, Oriental Trading and others offered.

This morning, Dunkin’ Donuts invited me to come in and share a heart shaped donut with a loved one. It’s a lovely thought, but a coupon for a discount off a dozen would entice more lovers (or lovers of baked goods, at least) to splurge on a box.

The Body Shop is offering a free regular size body butter with purchase of $30 or more today. The offer is online only, so unless they have instant delivery the offer won’t help Cupid. But still, it’s an enticing promotion.

In case I wasn’t wasting enough time (don’t worry, I am), Angry Birds informed me today that I can now play the game on Facebook—and get 14 free power-ups if  I begin playing by Feb. 16. It’s a nice Valentine’s treat, especially if you want something to give you a distraction from your mate.

Yesterday, Xfinity (or Comcast or whoever they think they are) sent out “A Special Valentine for Our Customers.” Oooh, an all candy and flowers channel? Free cable for a month? A free pay-per-view movie at least? Naw, just another plug for their new texting feature, rebranded ever so slightly with candy hearts at the top banner spot. Snooze.

Oriental Trading offered up “Free Valentine eCards + Free Shipping” yesterday. The latter was great timing for those looking to do something last minute, while the latter is still great timing, considering St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are right around the corner and parents and teachers will be ordering for those holidays soon.

Any Valentine emails make your heart flutter? Let me know at


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