Emails We Love: Urban Decay Beautifies the Inbox

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Most days I don't wear a lot of make-up—if I put on any eye make-up beyond mascara I feel like a drag queen. But I do love a good foundation, nail polish and lipstick, so I can definitely feel the allure of the cosmetics counter.

My colleague Amanda forwarded me a virtual cosmetics sale in the form of Urban Decay's latest email. The clever message played off the overplayed pop hit "Call Me Maybe," which has been parodied extensively (Cookie Monster did it best).

As images of the various sale products rotated on the screen, the "lyrics" of the email read: "Hey, we just met, and this is crazy, but s*!%'s on sale, so…click this maybe."

It made both Amanda and I laugh—and clickthrough to check out the sale. I also went to the site to sign-up for the list myself, finding a link to do so at the bottom of the home page.

For signing up, I'm offered a 10% discount off my next purchase and the promise of exclusive offers, weekly discounts, Friends & Family deals and contests.

I'm asked for the standard info—name, postal code, state, email address, gender, date of birth and age range, and once I get through the aggravating Captcha (four tries), I'm in. One bugaboo here was that when I finally passed the Captcha test, I wasn't taken away from the sign-up screen, leading me to be unsure if I was really signed-up.

Thankfully, within a couple of hours welcome email arrived—the subject line alerted me to the 10% discount and the headline read "Hello Beautiful" (not the worst thing to see at the end of a long day).

Prominent links were also featured to connect me with the brand on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where informational videos about the products are featured. I only got about a minute into a video about the Naked skin foundation products before I bailed—7.5 minutes is longer than I want to hang around to hear about one type of make-up. Of more interest were the shorter clips, like a one-minute tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes (so easy that apparently a child can do it—granted, I won't let my child do it to me, but feel free to let your kid try it on you).

Have you seen any emails you loved recently? Let me know at, or tweet me at @CMBethNegus.


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