Emails We Love: Old Navy Hoists a Tiered Sale

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

An email from Old Navy this weekend with tiered sale pricing created both immediacy and engagement for the brand's subscriber base.

The email offered three levels of discounts for those using the sale code in the message—25% off for those who made a purchase on February 26; 20% for those who bought on February 27; and 15% for late-to-the-party shoppers on February 28.

From the moment, there was a sense of immediacy for those like myself who read the email on Sunday afternoon. If I want the maximum discount on those pants I need for my son, I need to buy now.

And, that immediacy extends to to those who either didn't see the message until Monday or even Tuesday—while they might not get the best deal, they can still see savings. Plus, it has the added benefit of encouraging customers to open Old Navy emails more regularly and expediently to catch the best offers.

The "Every Day Counts" email  highlights Old Navy's free shipping on all orders over $50 every day policy, and notes that the sale is online only. But that doesn't mean there's no effort to drive store traffic—the footer of the message offers the addresses of two local stores, with a link to search for more nearby brick and mortar locations.

Have any ecommerce messages gotten you to buy recently (or encouraged you to visit a retailer's physical location)? Let me know at (put Emails We Love in the subject line).


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