Emails We Love: Happy Birthday Oreo!

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

The Oreo is turning 100 this year? Who needs cake? Break open the cookies!

The iconic Nabisco treat is one of those things pretty much everyone loves, and Kraft Foods sent out an email this Tuesday trumpeting the cookie's birthday March 6. There was a lot to love in the email too.

The subject line was simple: "Happy 100th Birthday, OREO! Let's Celebrate!"

Inside, the message—sent under the Kraft Foods "Food & Family" newsletter brand—directed readers to any and all things Oreo. The first hero large image is of a Chocolate Covered Oreo Celebration Cake, linkable to a recipe for the dessert. It's admittedly hard to resist; I think I'll be making it this weekend (and buying a package of Oreos for the filling, of course). Links to numerous other recipes (all requiring Oreos, naturally) are linkable further down in the message.

A "Join the Party" ad connects readers to the Nabisco World Oreo Birthday Page, where users can play Oreo arcade-style games from around the world, send a friend a customized Oreo birthday greeting from the pop band Lady Antebellum or purchase a smartphone coupon for a friend  that they can redeem at Target for a real bag of Oreos.

Users can also connect to the Oreo Facebook page. At press time, in the last two hours, close to 45,000 fans had liked a post celebrating the birthday today, March 6.

The email is successful at engaging email readers with the brand in multiple ways. It gets them thinking about the brand, and more importantly, craving it. Oreos are an acceptable lunch, right? A glass of milk and they make a proper meal, right? Sure they do!

Happy Birthday Oreo.

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