Emails We Love: Funny or Die….or Bounce

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

When you become friends with someone, you (hopefully) pick up on their sense of humor. Through getting to know them, you learn which ones you can josh around with about politics, which ones will merrily sing "Spam, Spam, Spam Spammity Spam" well into the night and which ones appreciate a bit of well placed Scatological nonsense.

But for many brands, it's harder to determine how to use humor in their campaigns. You don't want to play it too safe, but you don't want to offend your audience either.

For a site like Funny or Die, it's easy. If folks are coming to your domain to hear Will Ferrell get berated by a drunken, foul mouthed toddler landlord, chances are they'll appreciate an pop-up window with the option of (a) signing up for their email list or (b) checking off "No, I can't read."

Apparel brands have to be a bit more clever, and that's why we love the emails of Title 9's ((Bounce)) brand. The name alone makes one smile—it's probably the best name for a bra purveyor around.

The welcome email's subject line from Bounce declares that it's the recipient's "first love letter" from the brand. "Thanks for signing up for our emails. We look forward to keepin' it real in support of you and your gals."

Another subject line declares "Separated at Birth," and features garments that, well, lift and separate. An email from "The Bra Guru" offers products suited for every body type and size, a nice change for those on the upper or lower end of the cup scale who might feel slighted by some marketers.

Have any emails made you laugh (in a good way) recently? Let me know at or @CMBethNegus.


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