Dialing Up Clients

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Jones Naughton Entertainment Inc., San Diego, CA, and its AMS Inc. subsidiary, announced that they will offer free prepaid calling cards to existing advertising clients such as Mercedes-Benz, General Nutrition Centers, and the San Diego Zoo. The cards will be offered through an AT&T sampling program, according to Jones Naughton director of business development Patrick Rost.

Rost says that advertising clients can place promo announcements in the card’s initial welcome greeting. “Companies can use this opportunity to inform customers of goods and services available through outlets, and increase brand leverage,” he says.

Rost adds that Naughton plans to issue prepaid cards as part of a “Golfest” promotion that begins in February. “Joining forces with an industry giant like AT&T provides us with a quality partner that can handle complex technical applications and call traffic,” Rost says.


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