CM Listline: Fashionistas on the Runway to Response

Posted on by Richard H. Levey

As the health-conscious consumer trend continues to grow, fashion followers continue to invest their time and money not only in how they feel, but also in how they look. These are not necessarily short-lived fad followers, but dedicated “fashion victims.” According to Wikipedia, with credit given to Oscar de la Renta, “a fashion victim is a term used to identify a person who is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style.”

Fortunately, this mindset can be ideal for advertisers of new products and services that challenge the status quo. These “victims” may be more likely to purchase the latest technology and also be willing to pay a premium just to be different. This audience is every direct marketer’s dream for testing those creative offers that promote your most unique and exciting products and services. This puts the fashionistas on the radar for direct marketers and on the runway to response.

The attributes of these beauty buyers and savvy subscribers are akin to those of entertainment enthusiasts, travelers, and arts and culture connoisseurs. This makes them a good test audience for these and other secondary market categories. The marketing statistics for offline fashion-magazine readers are also encouraging, especially at a time when brand loyalty and offline reading are diminishing among the next generation. The average fashion magazine subscriber is 38 years old—nine years younger than the average print magazine subscriber, according to Universe Trends.

There’s also an effectual connection with fashion readers and buyers offline that is difficult to replicate in a digital environment. Fashionistas desire personal style and individuality, and they are committed followers of trendsetters and celebrities. Self-improvement, inspirational and philanthropic offers are also like be successful, according to the recommendations of a few fashion list title managers.

The list popularity index for each list below is calculated using an algorithm that analyzes the recency and frequency of more than 100,000 outside list recommendations made in the trailing 12 months of the scoring date.

Ashro Lifestyle Catalog
Universe:  298,563
Price:  $110/M
List Popularity Index:  99
Contact:  IMS List Services, Heidi Tameling,, 608-328-8596

Universe:  974,892
Price:  $110/MList Popularity Index:  100
Contact:  Belardi Ostroy, Kathy Hermann,, 212-381-1724

Universe:  643,754
Price:  $110/M
List Popularity Index:  95
Contact:  American List Counsel (ALC), Cathy Relyea,, 914-524-5244

Universe:  700,501
Price:  $110/M
List Popularity Index:  99
Contact:  Infogroup, Valerie Brusso,, 402-836-5191

W Magazine
Universe: Price:  $110/M
Price: $110/M
List Popularity Index:  100
Contact:  Specialists Marketing Services, Amy Lyons,, (201) 865-5800 x2216


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