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The Bottom Line on SEM

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Search engine marketing delivers more click for your buck than direct mail, said a panelist at a discussion on search engine marketing at the AdTech conference

Good Vibe

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

David Glaze, vice president of creative at Web design firm Genex in Culver City, CA, sets up Web sites for movie studios and automakers. He discusses


|  by Chief Marketer Staff

With paid placement (and paid inclusion using cost-per-click), return on investment is figured in the standard way: profit divided by the cost of the

Exciting Results

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

RedEnvelope has been engaged in search engine marketing for only about a year but it is already one of the savviest companies out there. The San Francisco-based

Revving Up

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

WD Music Products Inc., which sells guitar parts, has seen its direct to consumer sales go from 1% to 26%. A rental agent for vacation homes in Sanibel

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