Be a Pepper, or a Bug

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PLANO, TEXAS Bugs usually disappear after summer, but Dr Pepper is betting that a slew of bugs will boost sales throughout this year’s fourth quarter.

The bugs in question are the stars of Disney’s holiday film, A Bug’s Life. Consumers who find the film’s lead character, Flik, stamped inside Dr Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper cans will win one of 10 trips to Hawaii.

The computer-animated film that opened late last month follows a brave but misguided ant, Flik, as he mistakenly enlists a troupe of unemployed bug performers from a second-rate flea circus to save Ant Island from greedy grasshoppers. The film uses the same animation technique employed in Toy Story.

Dr Pepper will also run a mail-in sweeps with the movie, with entry forms available on 12-packs and two-liter bottle labels. Winners in this contest can grab a Sony PlayStation, Flik plush dolls, T-shirts, and free soda.


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