7 Reasons to Work with Online Influencers

Posted on by Cristine Vieria

Let’s talk about bloggers. And no, we’re not talking about the old stereotype of nerds locked in the basement—today bloggers, or influencers offer a whole new realm of possibilities for agencies and brands looking to organically connect to new audiences.

When it comes to bloggers, it’s no secret that online influencers are a powerhouse of opportunity in the social world, but trying to convince clients to invest in blogger relations can be a tricky proposition.

7 content marketing toolsMost brands don’t recognize how valuable online influencer initiatives can be, or that the best part about influencers is the whole “audience with an audience” concept. After all, bloggers have more power than ever to truly activate an audience, and that can manifest in a wide variety of ways—an increase in sales, a spike in brand preference, even just increased conversation about a brand.

One thing is increasingly clear, no matter what the end goal, there is no doubt that the rise of online influencers impacts how consumers choose products.

Ready to get started? Here are seven tips to help you sell the idea of an influencer campaign to your boss and clients:

1. The personal touch

There are no big-name marketing companies behind the words these influencers use to post about products. Their words are authentic, typed and posted by them, usually from their homes after actually using the products or services.

2. People trust them

Influencers are normal people. They aren’t millionaire celebrities, or part of the royal family. People follow them for honest and real reviews of products, and genuinely trust the influencer’s opinion. They’re part of a community together, and that network is built on trust.

3. No hidden agendas

They don’t deal with an editor or “red tape.” They write what they want, when they want—that is both powerful and empowering.

4. Truly powerful paid content ― much more than just an ad

No flashy $3 million commercial spots or blink-and-you’ll-miss-it banner ads. Even when paying for content, influencers post only products they use, making the ad more impactful than nearly anything else you can buy. And the residual SEO value can’t be beat.

5. No politics

No bosses means that no one else is controlling content. Nobody with a secret agenda is telling them what they need to write about; these truly transparent conversations are happening already—why aren’t your favorite brands participating?

6. Target marketing made easier

Looking for a peanut-butter-loving stay-at-home dad of three? There’s a blog for that. Seriously. Engaging with bloggers allows brands to market to uber-specific audiences that will be more apt to connect with their product/service. It’s just smart.

7. Cost Effective

Compare it to a running ad in a magazine or a commercial slot on television and you’ve got yourself a good deal. No production costs!

Cristine Vieria is co-founder of Find Your Influence. She can be reach at [email protected].


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