Shopper Marketing Drives New Line of U By Kotex FITNESS

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Marketing feminine care products has become more honest, frank and realistic, reflecting a larger social drive to end the stigma around periods.

Kimberly-Clark continues to reshape the conversation with the launch of U by Kotex FITNESS to meet the needs of women exercising during “that time of the month.” The brand’s new spokesperson, Jessamyn Stanley, embodies the straightforward attitude, authenticity and confidence the brand represents.

Sarah Welch
Sara Welch

Sara Welch, the Amazon shopper marketing lead at Kimberly-Clark, talks about how shopper marketing and the path-to-purchase meld to market the new line of U by Kotex FITNESS products.

CM: How has the path-to-purchase changed over the last few years?
WELCH: Today, the path-to-purchase is the unconscious non-linear channel shifting by the consumer on demand. Ecommerce, social and mobile play an increasingly critical role in influencing behavior. This is a far cry from a few years ago, when traditional media could deliver a more sequential set of desired actions based on a brand’s objectives.

CM: Are there certain media that have disrupted the path-to-purchase more than others?
WELCH: Mobile and social without question have disrupted the traditional path-to-purchase, due to on-demand accessibility and influencer networks. Both mediums will continue to do so as the mobile consumer experience continues to improve and as the intersection of commerce and social blurs the lines further. Emerging tech will only accelerate this disruption as the proliferation of data allows for the delivery of more personalized one-to-one connections for each of us.

CM: How do you incorporate these new channels into the path-to-purchase for a new brand like U by Kotex FITNESS?
WELCH: We view mobile and social as critical to all Kimberly-Clark brands. Mobile and social affords us the ability to deliver relevant content, foster relationships and create seamless experiences with our consumers beyond purchase.

CM: What are the most important shopper insights taken into consideration when planning marketing the brand?
WELCH: What influences their shopping behavior at the critical inflection points along the path-to-purchase from research and discovery to customer service and content interaction.

CM: How has gathering shopper insights changed and where do those insights come from?
WELCH: We leverage a myriad of data sources to mine the most relevant insights. While our approach to shopper hasn’t changed, the types and availability of data have exploded.

CM: As a marketer in a very competitive market, what keeps you up at night?
WELCH: Sifting through the clutter, placing the right bets and being able to move at the pace of the market.

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