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Pro AwardsBest Campaign That Uses a Holiday Theme in its Promotion

Agency: Circle One Marketing
Campaign: Bag or Tent
Client: Reynolds Wrap

Young families are less familiar with using foil and oven bags than previous generations, and Reynolds wanted to connect with them at a time when they were making their Thanksgiving and other holiday meals.

Since Butterball is a household name for turkeys, 50% of all first time holiday meal preparers buy Butterball and 45% of experienced preparers use Butterball turkeys over other brands. The idea was to bring Reynolds and Butterball together during a key holiday timeframe through a web-based program.

Reynolds felt that holiday meals were about being in control and wanting to make the family happy and positive, something that would be hard to do with the same old cooking methods and laborious clean up.

At and on a dedicated Facebook page, they encouraged holiday meal makers to rethink the way they cook for the better. The message was that, by cooking with Reynolds and Butterball, they could remove the risk and ensure that their important holiday meal would always come out perfect.

To engage the audience, they asked people to talk about how they prepare their turkeys. “Do you use an oven bag? Or do you use a foil tent to shield the turkey from high heat? We want you to tell us your tips and tricks for the perfect holiday meal,” the microsite requested. Then visitors were asked to vote for their favorite method on either Facebook or Their vote would enter them in a sweepstakes for a free Thanksgiving meal.

The oven bag and foil tent methods were the most favored way to cook a turkey with respondents, with each method taking a 35% share.

During the November-December time period, the campaign resulted in a share increase of 7% for heavy duty (18-inch) foil and a 6% increase for regular size. Oven bag sales increased 0.2%. The sweepstakes generated more than 129,000 entrants, nearly 141,000 votes and more than 137,000 unique visitors during November and December.

Forty percent of those aware of the sweepstakes scrolled over either the Bag It or Tent It methods to learn more about them. Over half of these respondents scrolled over both.

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