RedSeal Looks Online for Lead Gen Gold

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Networking security solutions provider RedSeal has streamlined its lead gen efforts to better connect real-time data collected both online and offline, and

RedSeal has tapped marketing and sales tech company Colabo to handle its online lead gen efforts, and now the marketing team is making data-driven decisions by connecting real-time data across silos in a self-service fashion.

Because RedSeal covers such a broad swath of the security industry, the brand had previously been looking at trade shows and events as a way of getting the word out and generating leads. Just a few months ago, almost all of RedSeal’s lead gen was based on trade shows.

“You can get some great leads from events, but you get a lot of booth-scanned attendees who may not be as valuable to you. It can require serious investigation to find out if they’re really prospects. There are warm leads in the right market that have the right job title and they’ve expressed interest in you and it’s worth serious time to investigate, and then there are all the rest,” RedSeal vp marketing Tanya Candia says.

RedSeal was getting piles of booth scans and spending time trying to figure out which of the leads were worthwhile. Candia wanted to find a more efficient way to find people in the right companies with the right job titles and who were interested in the right things so RedSeal could start a conversation with them. The team decided to begin looking online for new clients.

“We thought we would scour the web and see who’s talking about what, or we could use a partner like Colabo to do the scouring for us on a daily basis and deliver these warm leads to us. I think it’s very valuable—we put in key words and key phrases and Colabo tracks those for us. Every day we get a report of leads,” Candia says.

The reports RedSeal receives from Colabo each day isn’t just a list of names, but people in the right industries with the right job titles that RedSeal specifies.

This means that the RedSeal marketing team can send the leads right to out sales reps, because they are presented in a way where you can click through to the the actual blog post of the person who mentioned a keyword, as well as their the email address in most cases.

“It’s really exactly enough information for the sales rep to take it and run with it,” Candia says.

Sifting through the mountains of information online for new leads is getting easier thanks to tech solutions like Colabo that allow marketers to track competitors and target specific sites, keywords and social media groups to find potential customers through automation, according to Colabo co-founder Yoav Dembak.

Marketers can now find leads on the Web without having to understand the technology behind the curtain, as they can visit a third party vendor site to track competitors and see what they’re doing, target specific industry keywords, Facebook pages or LinkedIn groups.

Colabo then sends clients these leads on a daily basis (all are scored and qualified beforehand) and suggests the best way clients can to reach out to them, Dembak says.

It’s easy for marketers to figure out which keywords and key phrases are working, as well. Candia’s team has been trying to fine-tune their messaging because it’s been difficult to explain to someone in a sentence or two what the company does. As they have been doing that, they’ve been looking at using a variety of new keywords, keywords that are buzzing in the market today and what keywords their competitors are using.

“We’re working with Colabo to see what kinds of leads are generated with specific keywords. That means we’re honing in on the best message for the company, which is a very important side benefit,” Candia says.

Leveraging this technology has left the RedSeal team with a sense of confidence that they are keeping tabs on the most important online conversations regarding their brand and industry.

“I think we’ve got it to the point where when we see people blog, tweet or comment on something related to us we know that it’s someone we need to have a conversation with. Maybe it’s not a prospect, but the fact that they’re involved in this means that they could lead us to prospects. It’s very valuable—especially for the executive team, because we can keep our finger on the pulse of the marketplace conversation and if something happens we can respond instantly,” Candia says.


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