Bronze: Best Mobile Campaign 2015

  • Campaign: P&G Sochi Source
  • Brand: Procter & Gamble
  • Agency: GMR Marketing

As an official sponsor of the Olympics, Procter & Gamble partners with dozens of Olympic athletes worldwide and their families. Not only does the multinational consumer goods company coordinate press events and appearances with the athletes, but it also hosts their families and friends at the P&G Family Home, providing meals, makeovers, and relaxation. For the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, P&G asked agency GMR Marketing to make it easier for the company to organize its Olympic activities and the schedules of its sponsored athletes and their families, so that it could optimize its myriad promotions.

The company had been using paper-based methods of tracking athletes’ schedules and competition results. GMR replaced them with Sochi Source, a real-time event management tool incorporating an integrated, single-source database and a mobile website. P&G staff could now better track athletes’ performances and identify opportunities to engage with the competitors and set up promotional appearances. They could also communicate more easily with their colleagues on site.

P&G considered Sochi Source a big success on all levels: planning, design, execution, content, and service. In fact, it estimated that the solution had saved the company 67 hours of planning and activation time, certainly an award-worthy benefit.