Bayer Health Care One A Day VitaCraves Pong-A-Thon Tour – Silver

  • Campaign: One A Day VitaCraves Pong-A-Thon Tour
  • Brand: Bayer HealthCare
  • Agency: Alcone

The target market for One A Day’s new VitaCraves multivitamins were active, healthy men and women 25-34 years old who viewed themselves as fun-loving, active, and open to new experiences. So parent company Bayer HealthCare and agency Alcone decided to introduce them to the product while engaging them in a fun, active experience: ping-pong.

The One A Day VitaCraves Pong-A-Thon took place over five weekends in spring 2012, stopping at a different city each weekend: Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Prior to the event, brand ambassadors distributed flyers and ping-pong stress balls promoting the festivities. The brands also used national and geo-targeted banner ads, a QR code linked to a mobile promotion site, a mobile app, and Facebook to spread the word.

The Pong-A-Thon truck, adorned with attention-grabbing graphics advertising the new vitamin, traveled from city to city. Once at its destination, it would set up tents housing ping-pong tables, and pros would challenge passersby to a game. Brand ambassadors outfitted in retro sports garb would distribute samples of the chewy vitamin, which came in gender-specific formulations, as well as product information, a $3 coupon, and a QR code that included a free download for the Pong-A-Thon mobile app—a way to keep consumers engaged with the brand even if they didn’t buy the vitamin right away. And participants could enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a branded ping-pong set.

During the five weekends, One A Day distributed more than 13,000 samples to 231,000 attendees. The live events delivered more than 676,000 impressions; thanks to the power of mobile apps and social media, more than 47 million impressions were generated in total—a more than healthy response.