Nexcare Consumer Acquisition & Trial Generation: 2010 IMA winner

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CATEOGORY: Internet-based Trial Recruitment
SECOND-PLACE (tie) CAMPAIGN: Nexcare Consumer Acquisition & Trial Generation
AGENCY: Prospectiv

This campaign was all about bringing in customers for a new Cold Sore Treatment from Nexcare, a 3M consumer brand that also markets adhesive bandages. The pool of potential people was a very specific group to begin with less than 20% of the general population suffering from cold sores or fever blisters, mostly females.

Nexcare wanted to lean on its existing customer relationship management program and e-mail to get the job done in the most cost effective way.

The job for online performance marketing company Prospectiv was to grow the database, drive new trial for the Cold Sore Treatment with a coupon that at least 15% of e-mail subscribers would print out.

Prospectiv identified 102,229 qualified opt-in consumers to add to the database. Some 85% were female, more than 70% were ages 20 to 50 and 41% reported having cold sores or fever blisters. Another 73,000 people were also interested in learning about Nexcare bandages and 65,000 wanted to learn more about its skincare products.

“The brand utilizes one database for all of their products so they segment their e-mails and CRM strategy based on what the consumer says they have a preference for,” Jennifer Kavanagh, director of sales for Prospectiv, said. “So if they can go ahead and get that information at the time the person signs up they can then market to them down the line. So pulling in more potential customers for the brand that weren’t just cold sore suffers was defiantly an added benefit for the brand.”

The print rate for the $1.50 Nexcare coupon was an impressive 29.7%, or a total 30,388 coupons, which beat the normal 15% to 20% print rate. Some 32% redeemed the coupon at Walmart, helping the brand understand where consumers are purchasing to aid in future marketing and in-store efforts. The next closest retailer was Walgreen’s at 9.1%.

“Walmart really stood out as the largest retailer we had listed,” Kavanagh said. —Patricia Odell

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