Using VR to Tell Your Story

|  by John Skolis

Brands are embracing virtual reality (VR) and other types of technology as a way to offer consumers unique, impactful experiences.

Digital Marketing Metrics That Will Uncover Big Growth Opportunities

|  by Natalia Selby

The average digital marketing spend for businesses predicted to reach $118 billion by 2021. But simply knowing the potential value of digital marketing isn’t enough—you must measure marketing metrics and analytical data to determine you’re your marketing ROI.

sweepstakes marketing

A Primer in Sweepstakes Marketing

|  by Bruce Hollander

There are several types of sweepstakes and games and the trick is to make sure you match the correct type with your specific sweepstakes marketing effort.

Three Steps to Effective Cross-Device Marketing

|  by Neil O'Keefe

Screen usage among consumers has soared to five to seven different screens per day, making it more and more difficult to provide consistent cross-device experiences.

Chief Marketer Videos

by Patty Odell

Damon Swenson, Brand Activation Manager at Dr Pepper, on crafting a retail program using custom labels tied to Millennials’ passion points and lifestyle interests like fashion, music and pop-culture. He presented his case study at Marketing to Millennials 2017.