Optimizing Lead Gen Efforts With Killer Calls to Action

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Leveraging strong online content and creating killer calls to action are essential for marketers looking to make the most of their lead gen efforts.

A landing page optimized to engage prospects immediately and lead them down the right path is essential, notes Janelle Johnson, director, demand gen, for Act-On Software.

“Your homepage is an entry point to a menu of many different options,” says Johnson, who spoke at Act-On’s  recent east coast regional user conference. “Don’t allow your visitor to get lost, and reduce friction when possible. If you already have contact info for folks in your database, provide them with direct access to the content.”

To keep the flow of information moving, keep the number of fields a visitor must complete to get to the content to a minimum, she advised.

Make sure that the calls to action on your site use clear and direct language in the active tense, and make the call to action engaging and big to grab attention immediately. Give the call to action prime real estate on your landing page, and give it “room to breathe,” with white space surrounding it.

Content such as webinars, whitepapers and surveys are among the best way to engage prospects, says Johnson. Recent research from Demand Gen Report shows that 56% B2B marketers said content-based offers were their most successful campaigns.

Research firm Market Connections Inc. leveraged Act-On solutions with the goal of learning more about the audience visiting its website.

“We had steady and growing traffic, but we didn’t know who our visitors were,” says Monica Mayk, outreach director for Market Connections. “We were not doing a good job of converting them into someone who engaged with us over the long term in a valuable way.

“Now we know who has been to the website and we are able to have more valuable conversations with them,” she adds. “Who they are in within their company matters, because we’re not going to communicate with a CEO the same way we do with a marketing professional.”


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