Insights, Attitudes, Motivators of Deal-Seeking Consumers: Report

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Do you know which of your customers truly wants a deal, who needs one and who could care less? If you do, you can make the most of tailoring deals and discounts and reward those socially and influentially connected shoppers. If you don’t, this report from Experian Marketing Services helps out. It identifies six deal-seeking consumer segments (thus the name of the report: Deal Seekers) and offers up advice on how to effectively market to each group.

deal seekersWhile the report provides a much more detailed analysis of each of the six groups, here is a snapshot:

1. Deal Seekers Influentials These young, educated consumers are always seeking the best deal and the next hot thing. They make up about 17% of the total population, are constantly looking for the best online, offline and mobile deals. They are also highly influential within their social circles and tend to be trendsetters.
How to reach Influentials Reach this group with the right media, especially TV and the Internet. Advertise through sites like, and

2. Offline Deal Seekers They love the best deals and traditional media. These shoppers are older, most over age 55, and love to seek out deals like clearance racks. But beware. They won’t travel far to shop and like to socialize and shop with multiple groups of friends.
How to reach Offline Deal Seekers This group has the lowest average household income so they are looking to keep the costs of everyday items low. They love in-store promotions and coupons.

3. Deal Thrillers This group can truly confound marketers: They love their deals, but are brand loyalists too. These shoppers are 57% less likely to jump on a coupon or sale to try a new store. They are not big on coupon clipping. 56% are men and one-third are retired.
How to reach Thrillers They are loyal to their favorite store and brands and like convenience. Don’t constantly offer discounts, but when you do make sure they require minimal effort on the part of the shopper. Keep them happy, they make great brand ambassadors.

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