Consumer Marketing


Super Bowl Round-Up: Snickers “Brady Bunch” & Dove’s Dad Spot

|  by Patrick Gorman

This week's Super Bowl round-up from Chief Marketer includes a look at the reasoning behind how and when Super Bowl ads are debuted, how Facebook is tying into the frenzy, and a look at what Snickers, Victoria's Secret, Dove and WeatherTech have in store for viewers on Super Bowl Sunday.


Business Moves at the Speed of Social

|  by Pernille Bruun-Jensen

Social business is happening in real time 24/7, affecting all business functions, and exciting opportunities abound for teams that are ready to embrace social analytics.

brand advocates

7 Ways to Develop Awesome Brand Advocates

|  by Tracy Foster (Chicago Tribune)

Here's a refresher on how you can improve relationships with brand advocates and, in then end, improve your return on investment.

Kellogg's While You Sleep

Kellogg’s Shifts Marketing to Dark of Night

|  by Andrew Adam Newman (NYT)

Kellogg's "While You Sleep" campaign is a real shift for the brand to late day marketing in an effort to get consumers to eat more cereal.


Building Traffic With Content Marketing

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Optimizing content for lead nurturing means creating an effective promotion strategy that will give you the best reach and sharability.