Consumer Marketing


“Share A Coke” Experiences Drive Big Biz

|  by Patricia Odell

By now we all know that Coke is bringing back its wildly popular “Share A Coke,” campaign with more names, more packages, more ways for consumers to experience the brand—and, in a bold move, an e-commerce platform. But what you might not know is that last year the campaign drove +15% volume and increased sales.…


IBM Report: Brands Must Get to Know Consumers Better

|  by Patrick Gorman

Consumer demand for personalized buying experiences across all channels is at an all-time high, but a new IBM/Econsultancy study shows that there’s a big disconnect between how well brands think they are marketing and how customers actually feel.


Reaching Millennials With Email Marketing

|  by Mike Nardella

Just as brands are finally getting a grip on how to navigate the new social landscape to engage their target audiences, there’s another channel that’s turning younger Millennials’ heads—email.