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Chief Marketer Listline Oct. 21

|  by Casey McClay

Lists featured this week include Bally's Total Fitness Member Statements and Gerber Babies Email.


Newsletters Top Promo Marketing in B2B Email

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

A new study shows that in the world of B2B email, newsletters are outperforming content marketing in both open rate and click rate.


4 Tips for Selling to CMOs

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Execs from companies like Hasbro offer ideas for how to sell to the c-suite.


Using Personalization to Increase Conversions

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Personalization is being leveraged by digital marketer to turn online visitors into customers, and crazyegg's blog this week provided a rundown of things marketers can do to make the most of it.


Chief Marketer Listline Sept. 29

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Lists featured this week include Better Senior Living and the Innovation B2B file.

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