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Delivering a Great Customer Experience

|  by webdesign

To create a meaningful connection with any consumer, we must piece together the many fragments of data that define her. We must have the means to differentiate her from others with her name. And we also must strive to recognize and leverage a variety of insights on her preferences. When we can do all of…


B2B Direct Mail Tips & Trends

Digital is the focal point of just about every B2B marketing campaign today. But the impact that traditional offline tactics such as direct mail can have in engaging prospects and customers shouldn’t be discounted.

Email concept with laptop ang girl hands

The Challenges of B2B Email Engagement

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Engaging increasingly mobile prospects is a major challenge for B2B email marketers, says Wilde's Nancy Harhut, who will be a featured speaker at B2B LeadsCon.

Perfect Customer Journey

6 Tips for the Perfect Customer Journey

|  by Patricia Odell

Alexander Hirsch of the World Economic Forum shares how Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud and Journey Builder help the company engage with its forum members and reach out to others across the world.

Chief Marketer Videos

by Patricia Odell

Julie Barry, director of global brand for Velcro Cos., talks about her favorite Velcro product at PROMONext: Leaders in Promotion Marketing Conference.