I’ve Been “Briefed” About Free Shipping Day

Posted on by Tim Parry

So did you hear that there’s going to be a Free Shipping Day on Dec. 17, and all merchants are invited to participate? I heard about it, because I read it in The Briefing Room.

OK, that was kind of a cheesy plug for the new service of Multichannel Merchant. But I needed a cool way to tell everyone that The Briefing Room has launched, and why you need to visit it each and every single day.

The Briefing Room keeps Multichannel Merchant readers up to date on the latest product releases, service enhancements and personnel announcements by catalog retailers and Internet merchants, and the vendors they do business with.

So how do you get your latest product releases, service enhancements and personnel announcements in The Briefing Room? Send your press releases to press@multichannelmerchant.com. And if it’s something the editors of Multichannel Merchant think its something its audience should know about, we’ll do our best to run it.

And in the meantime, visit The Briefing Room early and often, like 20 times a day.


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