Special Reports

B2B Email Trends & Tips

A key nuance in B2B email is acknowledging that the person who chooses to buy a product and the user aren’t necessarily the same. For B2B email marketers, this means added challenges when it comes to creating messaging that will get noticed.

Data Optimization Tech Update

The ability to sort through data sets, find the right targets and present them with messaging that matters. Thankfully, tech solutions are more readily available—and more affordable—than ever before.

B2B Direct Mail Trends

B2B marketers must connect with prospects as early as possible. Making direct mail an integral part of their multichannel contact strategy can help companies influence customers, build brand presence and create a comprehensive strategy to close the sale.

New Strategies in B2B Social Media

Today, B2B marketers are approaching B2B social media more strategically than in the past, creating concise and compelling content that is mobile friendly.