Q&A With Brainshark: The Value of Video Presentations for Demand and Lead Gen

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Brainshark isn’t a fictional supervillain, the sequel to the goofy sci-fi thriller “Deep Blue Sea” or a term you need to look up on Urban Dictionary. It’s a company that gives businesses and marketers fresh ways to create, deliver and use online and mobile video presentations.

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While there are other presentation-based websites that give marketers platforms and tools to spruce up their content marketing, Brainshark offers some unique benefits that are particularly useful for demand generation and lead generation, not to mention improving engagement with viewers.

To learn more about Brainshark, we spoke with the company’s chief marketing officer, who introduces himself below. Read on to find out how the company got its name, the advantages to creating and sharing video presentations on its platform, how it fits into larger marketing strategies, and more.

Please introduce yourself (personal hobbies are of interest, too).
My name is Andy Zimmerman, chief marketing officer at Brainshark, where I oversee a 40-person marketing organization responsible for driving awareness and demand for Brainshark’s solutions. In my career I’ve held various marketing, strategy and business development leadership roles at several leading Boston-area software companies. When I’m not working, I enjoy golfing, skiing, hiking and anything else I can do outside with my kids. I’m also an avid “listener” of audiobooks


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