How the ACA Affects Health Insurance Lead Gen: Q&A With All Web Leads

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Health care reform is a complex beast whose consequences have yet to be fully felt by its many stakeholders, including those in the business of health insurance lead generation. To get a better idea of how the Affordable Care Act has impacted and will impact the industry, we spoke with Bill Daniel, president and CEO of All Web Leads.

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Read on to see why he thinks health care reform has been a good thing for health insurance lead generation.

First things first: How have the recent changes in the U.S. health care landscape affected health insurance lead generation? When all is said and done, will the industry benefit or be hurt?
The Affordable Care Act overall is a net positive for the lead-generation industry because we will have 20 million+ uninsured consumers that will begin looking for and purchasing plans. Anytime there is a catalyst that increases online research it is good for all of us in the lead-generation world. And we’ve seen increases in activity even when the law was just being debated, at every step along the way


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