Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter Are the ‘Big Three’ of Social Media Referral Traffic

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A recent report from Shareaholic found that Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are the “Big Three” when it comes to social media referral traffic. The company also found that StumbleUpon and Reddit aren’t as generous sources of referral traffic as they were last year.

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According to Shareaholic’s “Social Media Traffic Report,” during the 13 months of the study (September 2012-September 2013), Facebook accounted for an average of 8.11 percent of social media traffic referrals, followed by Pinterest with 3.24 percent and Twitter with 1.17 percent.

Shareaholic - social media referrals Oct 2013
Source: Shareaholic (click to see the full image)

StumbleUpon was fourth with an average of 0.58 percent of social media traffic referrals during this time span, followed by Reddit with 0.36 percent, YouTube with 0.26 percent, LinkedIn with 0.07 percent and Google+ with 0.06 percent.

When it comes to year-over-year growth, Pinterest (66.52 percent), Facebook (58.81 percent), Twitter (54.12 percent), YouTube (52.86 percent) and LinkedIn (34.51 percent) are making good progress. Google+ experienced mild growth of 6.97 percent.

However, Reddit saw its share of social media referral traffic decline 35.16 percent during this time, while StumbleUpon saw its share decline 27.47 percent.

Shareaholic - social media referrals Oct 2013 chart
Source: Shareaholic

Shareaholic’s 13-month study analyzed data from 200,000 publishers who reached more than 250 million unique monthly visitors.

A recent study from Google’s Wildfire and Forrester found a strong correlation between social media engagement and better customers.

Of course, social media’s benefits go beyond referral traffic, even for B2B companies.


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