Emails We Love: Spider-Man Swings Into An App

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

I recently purchased tickets to take my kids to see “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” on Broadway during spring school vacation. The kids are pretty excited, and so are their dad and I. Hey, it’s Spider-Man, it’s singing and dancing, what more could you need?

Well, how about an app?

Four days after placing our order, I received an email thanking me for my ticket purchase and inviting me to download the show’s free app. The email also offered a link to get directions to the Foxwoods Theater in New York, as well as links to the show’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

That night, much to the delight of my kids (who are so of the digital age where they can’t comprehend a time when there wasn’t “an app for that”), I installed the app on my phone. When I first opened it, I was invited to join show’s mailing list. I was asked for my name, birthday, gender and postal code.

Hmmm…..wouldn’t a natural question here been what date I was planning to see the show? This seems like an obvious question, to allow for timely email offers on souvenirs, local restaurants or whatnot. (But maybe that information would give away my secret identity, so best not to ask, eh? Ah, no. That option is in the mobile alerts section. Signing up will get me a special welcome to NY from Spider-Man. Cool, except that I can’t find the “Plan Your Visit” section of the tickets area on the app, so I go on to the website proper to sign up.)

A week later, I’ve already received on email from Spidey….asking me again to download the app. Yep, it was the same exact email I had received earlier. I’ve gotten no acknowledgement yet of signing up. This morning, on the off chance my request didn’t go through, I signed up again, to see if I get a webslinging welcome this time.

The app itself is fun….you can purchase tickets through it, check in with Facebook or Foursquare, take a photo of yourself with Spider-Man in the frame (and view a gallery of other’s images, see videos from the show and look at Spidey’s guide to NYC, featuring the locations of scenes in the play and directions to get to them. Excelsior!


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