Emails We Love: DSW and Ann Taylor Get Off On the Right Foot

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

When a consumer signs up for an email list, it's because they want to hear from you. That's why it's so puzzling when marketers don't take advantage of the opportunity to connect immediately.

I signed up for several new lists last week, to see what kind of a welcome I'd get. One of the best was from DSW. Almost immediately after joining their list, the message "DSW: Welcome, fellow shoe lover!" hit my inbox.

"Fabulous emails comin' your way!" read the headline copy, accompanied by an image of a sexy high heel and a sneaker (good variety since they don't know my footwear preferences yet). Also prominent was an invitation to join their free DSW Rewards program, which I has also just done. This prompted another immediate email welcoming me to DSW Rewards, inviting me to visit the rewards site and set up my membership profile.

Another warm welcome came from Ann Taylor. "Now that you're on our email list, here's a sample of all the stylish perks you'll enjoy…." read the headline of the "Ann Insider." An offer for 25% off one item this month was also featured, as were links to things like collection previews and special events (both of these links took me to a new products page—a little variety would have been nice here but I won't quibble.)

Ann Taylor's Loft brand also sent me a welcome email, similar but more casual in tone, fitting the differences in the sister brands. And, their new email subscriber offer was only 20% off, meaning being more casual comes with a lower discount.

Have you received (or sent) any great welcome emails lately? Let me know at  (put "Emails We Love" in the subject line).


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