10 Mistakes Marketers Make When Using Email to Generate and Nurture Leads

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Email is a common tool for marketers looking to generate and nurture leads. Nevertheless, with wide adoption come widespread blunders. To help marketers tread carefully through the path to successful email campaigns, we spoke with some experts who point out 10 common pitfalls to avoid.

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Not Engaging Upfront
One of the biggest mistakes B2B marketers make in their email communications is failing to engage their audience upfront by telling them what they’ll gain from a particular email or let them know how they’ll benefit by responding to the email. “They fail to put themselves in the shoes of the recipient to answer the question, ‘What’s in it for me?'” says Scott Bryden, management supervisor at marketing agency Gage.

Emails have to start the discussion about the value and ROI a company can provide early on, says Mike Genstil, founder of sales and marketing software provider VisualizeROI. “It’s essential to establish more informative, specific and tailored content to nurture real leads earlier in the cycle.”

Not Writing for the People
Too often, marketers “create copy and content that is focused on what they want to say and the information they want to push without considering if it’s something the recipient will want to hear or care about,” Bryden says.


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