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Valuable content offered by third-party experts and influential solutions providers, these downloadable resources are designed to give marketing professionals additional insights and alternative perspectives on strategies, tactics, marketing technologies and channel optimization.

  • The role that voice and the phone call play in marketing and sales success has never been bigger. There were 30 billion inbound sales calls made to businesses in the U.S. alone last year, and thanks in part to the popularity of smartphones, that number is expected to reach 70 billion by 2016.

  • Learn How to Generate, Track, and Manage Inbound Mobile Calls. Smartphone adoption around the world is exploding. It’s changing the way businesses market and advertise. It’s now critical that you have a well-thought-out strategy for marketing to smartphone users.

  • Watch SDL CMO Paige O'Neill's interview with Brian Solis, author and digital analyst at Altimeter Group, as they discuss generation 'C,' disruptive technologies and the role of empathy in your business strategy.

  • Learn how a recreation services business uses Box to save 8 to 10 hours per week by collaborating on documents to run events.

  • See the top problems marketers face today and what they are doing to solve these challenges.

  • In the marketing world everything is measured for ROI. Collaboration among teams in real time has become an expectation to work efficiently. Learn the 5 cultural shifts driving the need for collaboration to deliver productivity and drive ROI.

  • Learn why over 225,000 companies rely on Box to manage campaigns with ease, streamline workflow, and collaborate from anywhere, on any device at any time.

  • Advertising on social networks? Isn’t that invasive? No! Not when done with a goal of enriching the experience of those inhabiting the various social channels. Imagine helpful, pertinent offers served up just as a topic becomes hot. Or picture links to additional information that appear right when a person begins to ponder something new.

  • Hopeful messaging is wasted messaging. Clear targeting means more than just Who. It also demands a knowledge of How, When, and What. Read this quick guide on what you can do to ensure your web pages and white papers, social posts, and search optimization are primed and ready for any “road to discovery” your audience takes..

  • Read this report by Forrester Research, Inc. for a better understanding of customer life-cycle marketing systems, a look at the landscape of CLCMS technology providers, and key recommendations for CMOs to prepare for and adopt these new but necessary tools.

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