Making Sense of Lead Gen Metrics and Your True ROI

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Big Sky TournamentSure, you’re measuring your cost per lead. But are you really measuring the true effectiveness of your lead generation initiatives, across your entire enterprise?

Author and former ForeSee CMO Dave Scott will present “Lead Gen Math: Marketing Metrics for Better ROI” at LeadsCon Las Vegas, March 25-26 at the Mirage Hotel & Casino.

“We’re starting to see the economics change,” says Scott. “People are measuring their [lead gen] efficacy across the entire pipeline.

Marketers don’t need to spend lots of money on a huge software package or solution to crack their ROI, he notes. “You can do it with a spreadsheet. I’m fond of saying ‘buy a Honda before you buy a Cadillac’—even if you are imperfect, you can create a relative assessment. Work with sales and measure your leads and opportunity.”

Marketers need to test multiple tactics to see what works. “See if there is something better and don’t be afraid to fail,” says Scott. “There are six other tactics you should be trying, and you don’t know how they’ll work until you give them a chance.”

Scott notes that in B2B, there’s been upswing on people trying to connect live and in person. “Trade shows can be more expensive on a cost per lead basis, but the leads are more qualified,” he says. “There’s been an interesting resurgence of people wanting to connect on a human level.”

When he was at ForeSee, the company had a presence at over 40 shows per year, and for ever dollar invested, they typically saw $7 in return. Of course, Scott notes, you need to do it the right way, picking the right show for your market and then following up and collecting the leads.

A good trade show experience is, of course, not just about having a great booth. “Anyone who thinks trade shows are all about the floor are mistaken,” he says, noting that ForeSee’s event investments included not only creating and staffing the booth but securing speaking engagements, having a brand presence at the event, using the lead gen team to set up at-show meetings before the event and entertaining prospects.

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