E-mail Killers Strike Again

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Is there anything e-mail related that spammers can’t ruin? First they killed graphics; Internet service providers block them. Now they’ve apparently wrecked personalized subject lines.

While e-mails with personalized messages achieve high clickthrough rates, those with personalized subject lines do not, according to MailerMailer’s e-mail marketing metrics report for the second half of 2007. Moreover, nonpersonalizede-mails outperform those with subject line-only customization.

Messages with personalized body copy pulled an average clickthrough rate of 4.54%, the e-mail list management firm noted. This is a fairly significant increase from the first half of 2007, when custom e-mail messages typically got 3.15% clickthroughs.

Meanwhile, the clickthrough rate for e-mails with both personalized copy and subject lines was less than half that


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