Direct Mail Watch: Insurers Still in the Post

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

There are numerous ways for consumers to research and buy insurance products, but don’t discount good old-fashioned direct mail just yet.

“It’s all about consumer preference, and direct mail can help open the dialogue,” says Adrea Rubin, CEO of Adrea Rubin Marketing. “Particularly for consumers over age 45, insurers are absolutely still using direct mail heavily.”

Today, consumers can get insurance everywhere from the web to big box retail stores like Walmart. But perhaps because the industry is regulated so heavily and there is so much information to convey to a prospect, direct mail can be an ideal way to make that first contact and share the ins and outs of a program.

Creative approaches to insurance direct mail have changed over time. In the past, plain white envelopes made to look “official” were standard operating procedure to help instill consumer confidence. Now, says Rubin, marketers are using more flamboyant packages with colored envelopes and even decorations like flowers to get the attention of prospects. Devices like sample plastic membership cards are also included in packages.

Because U.S. consumers tend to prefer dealing with customer service representatives based in North America, many insurers also highlight their domestic call centers in direct mail packages, as well as things like URLs, Twitter accounts and other ways to connect online.

“They’re bombarding the consumer with messaging to help them make their choice,” she says.

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